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About Amsterdam Company

Amsterdam company for selling all kinds of mobiles (wholesale and single).Amsterdam Building consists of two floors: The first floor consists of two parts(accessories and mobiles).Mobiles department are managed by nine employees. Each employee is the responsibility of a special brand of mobiles, such as Samsung, apples and etc... There is a special branch for repairs. Also, programming consists of three employees. The second floor is managed by seven employees, three drivers and four guards. Five employees are the responsible for wholesaling and an employee is the responsible for mobiles guarantees. And there is a special employee for the computer.

 Company Manager: Khalil Suleiman Ali.

 Waleed Ahmed Suleiman.Sales Manager: 

zeki mustafa salihGuarantee Manager: 

The first-floor Director: Nechirvan Ahmed Suleiman.

Business Hours

Our support Hotline is
available 8 Hours a day

Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm
Weekend: Closed

Support is online

Our Office Locations

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     Near Armenians school

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